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Monday, December 10, 2012

Drawing Conclusions Freebie!

      I've added another freebie to add to your Common Core Toolbox of resources.  Drawing conclusions/inference is a huge skill for 3rd graders. I created a cute little mini-poster you can use as a way to help students understand exactly what they are doing when they draw conclusions. I also created a chart to help them practice drawing conclusions when they read. We have been having some fun with drawing conclusions in our classroom this week. Of course our class elf Nickaless is always up to some mischief, so the students draw conclusions daily about what he has been up to. We also have a little contest each day in honor of the upcoming winter break! Each day I bring in a wrapped present. As they day goes on, I give a clue about what the present actually is. The clues are left posted all day for the students to begin to draw a conclusion about what they think what is inside of the gift box. At the end of the day, everyone is allowed to give a guess as to what they think the present is once they have have been given all the clues.  If they get the answer correct, they are put in a drawing to win that day's present. This has been such a fun way to practice drawing conclusions. The students love it! Pick up your drawing conclusions freebie here!

    In other exciting news (at least for me). My class is finishing up our verbs unit. I have been creating activities weekly for whatever verb related skill we are working on, and I am about to post it as one huge unit in my TpT store! So be on the lookout for a very  cute and fun themed verbs unit! Coming Soon to a TPT store near you! ( Hmm you can use that last sentence to draw a conclusion about the theme of this unit!)

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