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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My 15 minutes of Fame, Sort of....

I have to admit I'm a total nerd for getting excited about my little few seconds of "fame", but it was exciting none the less to me. The other day I was checking something on TpT from my phone. I was looking at the homepage and had to do a double take because I realized one of the featured teacher authors looked a lot like me. I thought maybe it was showing up linked to my account so weird way or something. So I call my husband and I have him look it up on his computer, and yep there I am again right at the bottom of the TpT homepage. Now I'm sure the teachers they feature daily are random. Either way I had my totally sad nerd moment and just thought it was kind of cool!  See that's me........

  In more meaningful academic news, my students have been producing some really nice quality work these past few weeks. I'm so proud of them. I have quite a bit of Amy Lemons's units. I just love her stuff. As part of our geometry unit (Thanks to Amy Lemons), the students created shape monsters and wrote stories to go along with their shapes. Before beginning this activity, I read aloud The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns. This book is such a great companion when teaching students about plane shapes. The students loved the story, and many of them too inspiration from the book to write their own shape stories! Here are a few of their shape monster stories:
A while ago I also posted about my New Year's Freebie and my Snowman themed unit. The writing activities from both of these units also turned out great! Here are some hanging on our cabinets. The left side shows the students New Year's Resoultions/Goals, while the right side displays my students "My Snowman at Night" stories!
I am always amazed at the creativity of my kiddos! Not to mention, I have seen huge advances in their writing abilities. I love when they take their time and really show pride in their work, so I had to brag on them here in the blog world!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Groundhog's Day Freebie!

It's almost Groundhog's Day, so I created a mini- writing pack freebie pack that is adaptable to almost any writing lesson! I've included writing ideas for you just in case you need some. I've also included prediction voting slips so the students can vote if they think the groundhog will or will not see his shadow. You could use this to lead into a quick graphing or fraction lesson! You can download the freebie here! Enjoy! Hoping for an early spring for everyone!

Check out Laura Candler's February freebies blogpost for a whole bunch of great freebies you can use this month! Just click the heart below:

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Sweet Freebie!

     For those of you who are already thinking ahead for Valentine's Day,  check our my TpT store for a very sweet freebie for you! I've created a cute Valentine's themed Sentence Sort Center activity/game. I have it listed for free on my store for this weekend only! I'd appreciate any feedback if you are able to download it this weekend. I hope you enjoy it! You can get your freebie here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Wow, Christmas break always flies by. There is so much going on during those two weeks, by the time it all settles down back to school we go. As a matter of fact, I will go back tomorrow! Since being more positive about things in general is one of New Year's goals (I prefer goals to resolutions haha), I'm looking at the bright side seeing as it will only be a 3 day work week. I used to write down New Year's Resolutions, but like most people, it seems like after January they were out of my mind. So this past year I just started making goals for myself throughout the year , and I've been working on those goals. One of which, over the past several months is working to be more positive, especially at school. This is a TOUGH one. I try to keep thinking positive, and then one thing after another goes crazy at school! It's much easier to be negative about everything for some reason. However, I'm going to keep on working on these positive thinking skills, and taking everything with a grain of salt. I find when I do that, everything in life tends to go much better. 

Other School related goals for this year include:
* Trying to find a fun ways to get my kids motivated (and myself) about out Standardized Tests.
* Doing something fun at least twice a week with my students for no other reason other than its fun!
* Stepping out of my comfort zone.
* Not letting all the testing that has taken over my grade level stop me from doing all the fun activities I like to do with my students!
* Working big time on having a positive attitude!!

I hope you have a great New Year's and return to school! Here is a little freebie to get you  started with your students when you do go back school. I created a template for a cute New Year's Craftivity. Let the students use the template to create themselves in their festive New Year's hats. Then they can use the writing template to write about their New Year's Goals/resolutions! You can find the freebie here.