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Monday, April 1, 2013

It's April...Currently!

   I'm a terrible blogger, I know. There just isn't enough time in the day to balance all I'd like to do. I used to let my students blog, and I'm going to go back to that next year! That will really help me keep the blog up to date on all the "exciting" happenings in my classroom! I love Farley's Currently link-up, so I'm taking the time to link up once again!

Listening- There is absolutely no sweeter sound on this Earth than my little girl's giggle and her "singing". She loves the Bubble Guppies,and is currently singing "Bub..bub..bubble"  and it is the most adorable thing!! 

Loving- Spring made an appearance today! I'm so ready for some warm, sunny weather. Please spring stick around for a little while!
Thinking- Where did the past 2 years go? This Thursday our daughter turns 2!!! Yes 2!! When did that happen? People are not kidding when they say don't blink, or they will grow up before your eyes.  I'm amazed at the gorgeous little girl that we have been blessed with, but I really,really wouldn't mind her slowly down the growing up part just a little bit! 

Wanting- Standardized Testing Season to END! We have 3 more weeks until our BIG test, and I'm ready for it just to be over. There is just so much pressure put on that one test. My students and I need it over and done with. I'm looking forward to doing some really fun activities once its all said and done. 

Needing- A few more hours in the day, well don't we all.  I have so many things I'm trying to accomplish these days,and there really isn't enough time. I could either use a personal assistant or a couple of extra hours a day! 

Advice-  For TPT I'd say do what works for you! I decided last  year I'd work on making some of the things I'd made for my own class in years past a little nicer and uploading to TpT. That is still a very SLOW going process. So for now, I put things up that I create for my own class. Some days I'm shocked that my creativity is still there! So when those creative light bulbs come on, I try to take advantage for my students! Then  I also post it on Tpt. That is personally what works best for me! Someone may or may not be interested in what I've made, but hey no time wasted because I made it for my own personal use. However, I will note I've been VERY surprised that many other teachers actually are interested in using the things I've created for my kiddos! I've been very, very surprised and extremely happy in that respect!

Happy April everyone! I hopefully will make another blog post before it's time for "May Currently"!!!