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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Currently August Edition......

Seriously August is here already?! Back to School time is so crazy, that I'm about 10 days late to the Currently August party!

Currently I am:

*Listening: It's Saturday morning, and I'm the only one awake early! We purchased a noise maker for our daughter when she was born. We now can't sleep without listening to the ocean waves, ourselves. So I sit here, when I should be sleeping in listening. It's actually quite relaxing.

*Loving: All the encouraging people in my life. Sadly, I am very much a pessimist at heart. I have been working extremely hard to be much more positive about things the last couple of years. I have already been letting myself get overly stressed about some things this school year. I'm so blessed to have people close to me who surround me with love and encouragement. It's kind of hard to stay so negative when you surround yourself with positive! I especially am thankful for my sweet husband. The good Lord knew what he was doing when he sent him to me. We are so alike in so many ways, but polar opposite at how we take on stress.  He lets me vent, then always takes that vent and turns it into something positive. He is my biggest cheerleader and encourager! What would I do without him?!

*Thinking:  I have been extremely stressed about how I am going to be an effective teacher this  year. Most years I get a similar mix of a kids ( A couple high/on grade level, the majority being a little below grade level, and a few who are extremely low, and maybe one or two special situations).  This year that mix is out the window.  The majority of what I normally have in my classroom is virtually non existent this year, and I have quite a few "special situations". That all leads back to the stress and why I'm really loving all those encouraging people right now who are making me look at this in a positive light. So I'm spending some serious reflection time this weekend thinking of how I can best meet the needs of my class this year.

*Wanting-  You would think after having 2 months off, Back to School time wouldn't be so exhausting. However, it seems to me that is what makes it even more exhausting. I really could use a little energy boost, because exhausted is an understatement. (Yet, I'm up early today, go figure!)

*Needing-  I have a few projects left on my summer to do list I really want to finish. One being finishing our bedroom "makeover". I also have decided to completely revamp my class website. I just need to sit down and  do it.

*Back to School Must Haves:
1. Planner/Calendar- I have to start the new school year off with a cute new calendar. It makes me feel much more organized to start the year with all of the important dates already put in the calender. Plus I go ahead and list breaks/vacations/special events, so I can smile when I look at all the good stuff I have coming up.
2. Supplies- I am a teacher, so of course I'm kind of addicted to new school supplies. I especially love a good pen set!
3. Summer Vacation Pictures- I have to start my year off with a few pictures  hanging around to remind me of my wonderful summer!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Back To School Start! May it be much less stressful than mine has been. If it is stressful, surround yourself with positive, encouraging people. It works wonders for the body and soul! Here's to a wonderful school year for everyone! : )