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Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Favorites!

    I mentioned several times I wanted to get back to letting my students do some blogging about whats going on in our classroom. We decided as a class we would begin "Friday Favorites".  Students will blog about their favorite things from our classroom. Without further adieu let me introduce our first Friday Favorites Student Blogger:

    Hi. I'm Creative  K from Mrs. M's class! Let me tell you about my favorite things about 3rd grade so far.  I love it when we get to work on things in groups. I used to hate group work in 2nd grade, but now I LOVE IT!  Mrs. M taught me that it is an important life lesson to learn how to work with groups, even when everyone doesn't get along or agree.   
     My favorite from this week was the gallon man activity.  I loved it. It was simple but fun. The reason it was fun was that we had to be creative and thinkers. We named our gallon man, King Gallon.  Check him out: 
 I hope you enjoyed my favorites! : )    : D

    We do hope you enjoyed hearing from Creative K!  The students have been so excited about finally getting to blog.  Creative K even informed me when we were editing her Friday Favorites,that certain words must be left in "all caps", and she made sure to know what they little smiley face symbols were for.  We were finishing up some measurement this week, when I remembered last year I had purchased an adorable measurement unit from Hope King!  That unit is where our adorable Football Gallon men came from! Check back next Friday when Curious C will be sharing his favorites!

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