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Monday, February 17, 2014

Calling All National Board Certifited Teachers!!

     Are there any NBCTs out there who would like to share their expertise with the world? If you are interested in becoming a part of the NBCT Share collaborative blog please send an email to nbctshare@gmail.com for all the details.  Share your awesomeness with the teaching blogging world!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love is in the Air....Valentine's Day Freebies!

   It's almost Valentine's Day! I know I can't wait to spend it with my two Valentines. I love holiday themed activities almost as much as my kiddos do.  So to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day, I have two fun Valentine themed freebies for you. Hopefully this will give you a little extra time with your Valentine this week!

First, I have Jar of Hearts Valentine's Day Crafitivity. I orginally created it to use for creating arrays, as well as reviewing fractions. However, there are many ways I'm sure you could use it for other math purposes as well. You can get your Jar of Hearts Craftivity here.


Want to take some times to review types of sentences?  You can download my Sweet Sentences Sort here. There is a color and black and white version for you!  You could also use this to starting point to having students create their own conversation hearts! If you find these activities helpful and enjoyable for your students, please leave me feedback and let me know.

If you'd like a versatile writing craftivity, I also have my Valentine's Love Bug Writing Craftivity. Sorry, this one is not free. However, it is discounted to $ 2.50 in honor of Valentine's Day. It includes multiple different writing templates that can be adapted for any grade level. It also makes a cute Valentine's Day gift or bulletin board display. You can check it out here:


I hope you enjoy these freebies, and have a very sweet  Valentine's Day Week!!     

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Favorites- Weather Investigation

    Well  I promised Friday Favorites post from my students, and I've already fallen behind. Things have been super busy both in and outside of school, that I haven't had time to get this post up. My kiddos are so excited about blogging, that I get asked daily when it will be their turn to do it. So here is our latest Friday Favorites from Curious C.

   Hi. I chose my name to be Curious C, because my favorite thing about 3rd grade is getting to research what I am curious about. This week I have been researching floods. Do you want to know something cool I learned? More people die in floods that any other type of extreme weather.  I thought that was a pretty cool fact. That is why our research projects are my favorite thing in 3rd grade.

    I know that Curious C is not the only one in my class who would say that researching is one of their favorite things to do in my class. I teach in an IB school, so most of our teaching is based on science and social studies topics. For each unit, the students complete a research project.  At the beginning of the year, we spent almost the first whole 9 weeks doing a research project about animals step by step together. Now, the students are expert researchers, and they absolutely love it. I create an investigation journal to go with each unit, and the students work in small groups to become experts about their topic. They then come up with their own way teach the class as the culminating activity.

Below is a picture of our inquiry station. This is where I keep library books and research materials for each unit. Students place questions, ideas, and things they are wondering about on post it notes on the "Inquire Here" bulletin board. 

 Our current unit deals with weather, so students have been focusing their research on extreme weather. Below is a sample of what their investigation journals look like:
Curious C and I hope you enjoyed this edition of Friday Favorites from our classroom. We promise to bring more fun things from our room very, very soon!