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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Currently MARCH!!

March already?! Seriously, Seriously people, where does the time go?! March makes me smile. March means spring is in the air (hopefully), if not at least Spring Break is in the air.  That also means summer is just around the corner.  Since March makes me so happy, I decided to take time to link up for Farley's Currently!

Listening: So I have to admit watching MTV's Real World has always been somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. I've even got my husband watching it with me. We are finally catching up on some of our DVR shows, so that is what is on now.

Loving: Spring break is one week away! I'm super excited! We have lots of fun things planned, and I am ready for a break. Did I mention I'm EXCITED?!

Thinking: My mind is on Little Mermaid/all things Under the Sea themed overload. My baby girl will be 3 next month *cue the tears!! I never truly understood "they grow up fast" until I blinked and my baby is now basically a mini adult. So much of an adult in fact, she choose her own birthday party theme. So Little Mermaid it is, and I have gone a little Pinterest crazy looking for ideas for her big 3rd birthday.

Wanting:  Spring to come and stay. It made a mini appearance, and as quickly as it appeared, it has gone away.  I'm ready for warmer weather.

Needing: Well I need to do a lot of things, but on the top of that list is to get caught up on planning. After spring break, we will have 6 weeks until our big standardized test. I want to have my review skills all planned out before I leave for spring break. Strangely enough, I already have units planned for after the "test", so if I can get my basic review skills planned out I'll be all planned up for they year. That at least will take a little bit of stress off of from all the Standardized Testing pressure.

I also need to find some new, easy, and tasty South Beach diet recipes. I'd also like to get ahead on my menu planning.

????????  The answer is New Orleans!!!!

Happy March Everyone!!!